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Face Memorization and Recognition from Video: 
demos and downloads

Please read the Demonstration Software Licence before downloading these programs: (click here) 


System requirements: 
To run the programs,  the following .dll files: CV, cvaux, ilp, plpx, Msvcrtd, highgui  (downloadable from here)  put in the directory from where you run the program. 

Update history 

Aug 22, 2004: 
Program: fvm-aug04.exe

You can now train and test on AVI files! ... to evaluate one techniques against the other on the same data set, and to learn off-line. This is how you select the video from menu for training and for testing (click on the image for full size pictures). Note you have check "Process video" to actually start Recognition or Memorization:

Aug 02, 2004:   
visual-memory-jul04.exe. More: readme-fvm-jul04.html

Extra "response" neurons are added for semantic labelling of faces (i.e. Person ID). Face images are no longer stored or used in anyway. Evaluation is thus performed by examining the values of the response neurons (rather than comparing the images as done in previous version) 

May 2004. 
readme-fvm-may04.html and publications (
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