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"Recognitionin Video" Tutorial

Image and Video Computer journal special issue on
"Face Processing in Video" Editorial

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"Vidéotechnologie pour la sécurité : problèmes et solutions" http://videorecognition.com/ico/PDFDocS.gif
Transport Canada Rail and Urban Transit Security Workshop

Other:  "Les defies et les solutions en Biometrie & Reconnaissanse Video" Univ. de Sherbrooke, Departement d'informatique, Centre de recherche MOIVRE,  aussi UQO,  ETS

Automated Border Control

"Automated Border Control: from trusted traveller systems to e-border". Global Conference on the Future of Border Checks 2015, Frontex, Warsaw, 17-18 June 2015. Panel "Staying Ahead of the Future Through Research" . 

"Automated Border Control systems as part of e-border crossing process". Proc. of NIST International Biometrics Performance Conference, IBPC 2014, April 1-4, 2014, Gaithersburg, MD

Video Surveillance and Video Analytics

"Video Analytics: Technology Maturity, Deployment Challenges and Roadmap" , VT4NS

"Intelligent Video: myths, problems and solutions", VT4NS (Workshop chair presentation)
Recognition in Video
"Recognition in Video" IPSI events
Univ. of Toronto, Faculty of Information,

"Intelligent Video: problems and solutions",  Slides available: [in English] http://videorecognition.com/ico/PDFDocS.gif
Transport Canada Rail and Urban Transit Security Workshop

Face Recognition

"Real-Time Face Recognition Technologies For Video-Surveillance Applications: Challenges And Solutions To Take Your Efforts To The Next Level".  A.L.I. Conferences website.

23 September 2011.VT4NS'10 (Workshop chair presentation), Ottawa, DRDC-CSS.
"Face Recognition: Inside the Black Box"

24 Feb. 2010. Biometric Summit in Miami. 1:10-2pm: 
"How To Conduct An All-Inclusive Performance Evaluation Of Your Biometric System". To read abstract, go to A.L.I. Conferences website. [Slides]

"Recognition in Video: Recent Advances in Perceptual Vision Technology"
University of Windsor, March 31, 2006. - Abstract: UWindsor site. Slides: pdf

"Face recognition in video as a new biometrics modality and the appropriate associative memory framework"
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Ottawa Chapter. SITE, Ottawa U, Ottawa. December 15, 2004. Slides & abstract: IEEE CI Society website

Talk for IIT-NRC Colloquium 2004 Series:
"Seeing Faces in Video: By Humans and Machines. Recent Advances in Perceptual Vision Technology"
  Abstract: IIT website. Slides: here.

"Recognizing faces in video"  VIVA Lab, SITE, University of Ottawa VIVA
[Abstract: from VIVA site] [ Slides: ppt]

Associative Memory, Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Go to : https://sites.google.com/site/dmitrygorodnichy/projects/PhD-PINN
Machine Vision
Go to: https://sites.google.com/site/dmitrygorodnichy/projects/PhD-AI-vision
Nouse (Nose and Mouse) Intelligent Vision Interface:

The very first opening talk on the NouseTM technology: "Introducing Nouse".  IIT-NRC on Sept 5, 2001 - html.

Go to Nouse pages: www.nouse.ca & https://sites.google.com/site/dmitrygorodnichy/Nouse,