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Click to see a demo of Nouse

Click to see a demo of Nouse

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Nouse Perceptual Vision Interface


Use your nose as mouse. Open your mouth for click. As simple as that.
Work with a computer hands-free, using your computer's webcam!

Gear-free, sub-pixel precision, robust to any head motion,
Highly configurable, full mouse functionality, with built-in customizable onscreen keyboard,
Hands-free mouse alternative, which is as powerful and as it is affordable! (See demos at left).

All this is possible with Nouse Perceptual Vision Interface technology,
which stands for 'Nose as Mouse', pronounced ['naus],

and is a Canadian invention that made a difference in lives of many people (Read testimonial).

Still unique and superior to competitors, thanks to its five(!) scientific and technological innovations,
and extreme level of testing and customization performed in partnership with Saint Vincent Hospital, Bruyere Research Institute, and Department of Rebilitation Science of Univerity of Ottawa.

In 2013 Nouse  technology has been officially approved by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Care and added to the Ontario's Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Product list.


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Nouse - publications by Health Practitioners and Rehabilitation Scientists
(Bruyere Continuing Care and School of Health Science of the University of Ottawa')

"Usability of a Low Cost Head Tracking computer Access Method Following Stroke

"Can training sessions improve perofmrnace and increase satisfaction amongst Nouse technolology user?" 

"Leading by the Nose: Collaborative Adaption of New Hands-Free Computer Tool "

"Can Adults in Complex Continuing Care Facility Use "Nose as Mouse" Technology? 

Press coverage
Discovery channel"The Nouse is still in the prototype phase but Dmitry hopes it will be available for everyone to use whether it be as an alternative to the keyboard or for gaming. Just like its predecessor the mouse back in the 1960s, the Nouse was created to make computer operations easier for everyone" (YouTube) International "Using a computer will soon be a lot easier for disabled people, thanks to a hands-free device created by Canadian researchers. ... The "Nouse," short for "nose as mouse," is the brainchild of Dmitry Gorodnichy, research officer at the National Research Council's Institute for Information Technology" (CNN, cached ) "Satellites and Tang aren't the only innovations the space race has brought us. Ottawa scientist Dmitry Gorodnichy's work on the Canadarm project was instrumental in the development of the Nouse -- a hands-free alternative to the computer mouse" Maclean's (Cached) ,  scanned

New York Times "Dr. Gorodnichy's work on visual recognition of body motion goes back to his days working on upgrading the robotic lifting arm used in the space shuttle. He was one of many scientists at the research council who had worked on that project, which was Canadian designed and built( The New York Times , cached)

NewScientist"The inventor, Dmitry Gorodnichy of the Institute of Information Technology in Ottawa, Canada, calls his nose-steered mouse a "nouse". In addition to giving people a change from the keyboard and mouse, he hopes it will make using a PC easier for people who have a disability."  New Scientist

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